State of the Nation Address…and take that (POW!!)…and that (Boink!!)…

Her State of the Nation address sounded more like a harangue to “fellow politicians” rather than what it should have been. She spent a lot of time defending accusations against her by throwing back the same at her accusers. Her defense that others do it (too) is no defense, in court or in public.

When she spoke about the Cheaper Medicine Law, she was more emphatic about who the “real” authors of the bill were as opposed to who were not (said with matching smirk and a sideswipe at a particular politician) than the benefits of the said law. Cheeky.

She insinuated that she should be thanked for not declaring Martial Law – she would have if she had to; at least, that much we know about her. (It’s like a thief telling his victim: “be thankful I only robbed your house and not killed you.”)

She lashed back at those that accused her of stealing by pointing out the opulent and extravagant lifestyles, again, of her accusers forgetting that 95% of those that accuse her are not politicians and are poor and cannot possibly be living in comfort much less opulently. But, I guess, accusations coming from the poor don’t even deserve a response directed at them.

The speech as a whole had a mixed-flavor of chest (implant and all) beating, pugnacity, finger pointing and, yes, economic figures the man on the street can relate to as much as the anniversary of the landing on the moon.  Hardly an accurate picture of THE STATE OF THE NATION.

Surrealistically, the whole affair looked like a convention of thieves with the Chief-Thief berating the opposing faction of thieves interspersed with the presentation of economic figures and numbers while everyone mentally computing 30% to 40% and “knowing” to whose pockets they went to and congratulating and thanking each other for it.  And all hoping to get more from next year’s share of the spoils… and the beat-ing goes on.


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