Senator Serge Osmena Will Run as an Independent

For the last two years, the Liberal Party touted Senator Mar Roxas as the most qualified among them to be the next President of the Philippines. Then, President Cory Aquino passed away, the crowds came out in droves to pay their last respects, and somebody thought, wait, maybe Senator Noynoy Aquino was the more qualified after all. (wink! wink!) And so, they plotted to “connect” the crowds that mourned the death of Mrs. Aquino to the possible election of Noynoy as President and while they were at it, why not revive the assassination of Ninoy Aquino to complete the “trilogy” or “trinity” or whatever, and come up with some sort of “passing of the torch” never mind it’s ambiguity. In fact, the more ambiguous, imprecise, hazy, the better, though one viewer of Noynoy’s recent “torch”  infomercial frightfully thought that the carrying of the torches by Noynoy and the “multitude” behind him in that infomercial meant the return of brownouts if he were to win. That, of course, was not the message at all… but that’s another story.

As for the Liberal Party’s Senatorial line-up, for want of Vilma Santos on their side, they were somewhat “forced” to include former NEDA head Ralfh Recto in their Senatorial slate and in the process, lost former Senator Serge Osmena who could not stomach being in the same ticket as Ralph – one who ran under the administration ticket the last time around and after losing, was appointed by GMA as  Chairman of NEDA, no less. Two months ago, Recto quit that position to prepare for the coming elections but soon after, unabashedly  “jumped ship” from his affiliation with the administration and boarded the LP together with his wife Governor Vilma Santos. His joining, and acceptance into, the LP was for no other reason than political expediency on both sides. It is easy to understand Mr. Osmena’s sentiment towards that onerous  “political deal” and even easier to praise him for bolting the LP slate in disappointment, if not disgust, and running as an independent instead — true to  form, if we may add. As for the LP? As we’ve said in a previous article, they are as trapo as trapo can get. And we will again sift more of that stench coming from their camp in the coming months. Let’s call a spade a spade.

Chiz Escudero’s ambition for a higher political office via the elections of May 2010 turned into “cheese-melt” when he announced last 24 Nov. that he would no longer be running for a higher office next year. It seems realpolitik got the better of his ambitions. In other words, “no money, no honey.”

While the politicians bewail the problem of “substance abuse” among the youth, the youth bemoan the lack of substance among the political candidates.

The problem is not so much the issue of pre-mature campaigning but rather “immature campaigning” – the ubiquitous celebrity in each rally, the awkward dancing and singing of candidates, and the general “circus” or “carnival” atmosphere of campaign rallies.

Filipino Efren Penaflorida bagged the CNN Hero of the Year Award 2009 besting nine other nominees from all over the world, all equally deserving of the award in their respective advocacies and programs. His Kariton Klassroom program brought basic education to poor out-of-school children who would otherwise have missed the boat of education our government has poorly navigated these last decades. We still don’t seem to get the direct connection between education and poverty alleviation that our neighboring countries like Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, have well understood and have positive results to show for it. When asked by an interviewer after receiving the award at the CNN event held at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood Ca. whether he would consider going into politics upon returning to the Philippines, his answer was, definitely, a highly educated one: “no!”  Now, there’s a hero not wanting to be a politician as opposed to the common politician posing as a hero. Kudos to Mr. Efren Penaflorida, young educator and true Filipino hero!

Former President Ramos said in an interview that the people will have to wait three months, more or less, before he declares his choice for President and Vice-President. Someone will have to remind the people about this when the time comes because we doubt if anyone will be holding their breaths waiting for his announcement. The problem with becoming irrelevant, similar to when your spouse cheats on you,  is you’re usually the last to know. He should know that.


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