Lack of a clear message

The Aquino camp blames “lack of a clear message” in their infomercials that has caused Villar to catch up in the surveys. True, or partially true. People have yet to hear a single argument in favor of Noynoy that does not mention his mother or father. They lament the fact that while his opponents present to the electorate their respective track records, accomplishments, and vision, praises given to Noynoy by his supporters have little to do with him but are, rather, traits attributed to his parents. That worked for him during the wake and burial of the late President Aquino when strong emotions ruled.  But as the intensity and strength of the sympathy for the Aquino clan began to wane, so did the support for Noynoy. His bid for the highest office of the land was rooted mainly on the death of Cory and now, his handlers are scrambling to find him a secondary launching pad. But since Senator Aquino was never even considered by his party mates to be their Vice Presidential candidate let alone  their standard bearer (not until the death of Cory), where will they now anchor his run for the Presidency? Track record? Capability? Experience? Those qualities are what the Liberal Party originally said Mar had among all their party-mates and, perhaps, rightly so. It must be remembered that at no time before the large crowds came out to mourn Cory’s death was Noynoy in the radar screen of the political leadership of the Liberal Party. They simply did not see him as someone prepared to be the next President. It will now be interesting to see how his handlers spin a new “story-line,” and craft a new “offensive” for him that would sustain (and this is the operative word — sustain) the viability of his campaign all the way to election day. Abangan.

As far as logistics issues are concerned regarding the automated elections, we won’t really know that until much later and as we go along; and regarding some aspects of it, like on-time delivery of machines in each polling place (three days before elections), transport of satellite equipment to precincts where cellular signal becomes jammed or unusable, and deployment of replacement machines in cases of machine bog-down, we won’t know that for sure until it happens, or does not happen, come election day. What we have to ensure before the elections is that all these contingencies are in place and ready to be utilized when and where the need may arise.  On election day itself, we can be sure there will be problems. It is the ability to address and solve those problems which will spell the difference between success or failure of the elections.



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2 responses to “Lack of a clear message

  1. edveecruz

    He was elected in ’07 so, yes, there will still be the Senate for him to return to should he fail in his bid for the Presidency.

  2. King Yabut

    Finally, what I said in the very beginning, when it was evident that the good senator was raw and not ready for the position, is now evident. Indeed, what will they do now…how will they pull this one off. They pulled off Edsa2, but I don’t think this latest foray will fly…crash and burn is more like it. At least he will still have the hallowed halls of the Senate to return to when this is all over, or will he…I simply don’t remember if he was elected in ’04 or ’07…yet another indication that his stint in the Senate has been average at best.

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