Bongbong marcos to the senate?

It is beyond comprehension how some people try to hold Congressman Ferdinand Marcos II (Bongbong) “responsible” for his father’s declaration of Martial Law almost 40 years ago especially now that he is running for Senator. Bongbong was barely fifteen years old when Martial Law was declared in 1972 not to mention he was in England attending to his schooling, perhaps, worrying about tickets for the  Rolling Stones concert as most youngsters his age were concerned with or the likes of it. As for the entire period of the controversial Marcos Rule, it would be best to leave to historians the rendering of a dispassionate accounting of that period in the history of our nation when President Marcos was at the helm of government. Bongbong Marcos, in fairness, has declared that he is ready to be judged by the voters not based on anyone’s actions nor on his father’s achievements, but based on his own performance the last 15 years he has been in public office – nine years as Governor of Ilocos Norte and six years as Representative of the 2nd district of the same province. Bongbong’s sterling performance during his years in public service, and the remarkable transformation of the province of Ilocos Norte under his leadership (from 3rd to 1st class and the first windfarm in Southeast Asia, etc.), speak for themselves; and should the voters decide based on his track-record, then he will surely be voted to the Senate in the coming elections, half a century after the late President Ferdinand Marcos was first elected to the same post. And as the sun rises, so also will the son.


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