candidate jesus nazareno


The youth, comprising close to 60% of the registered voters, may yet be GIBO TEODORO’s key to victory, more so than, or in conjunction with, the much touted Lakas-Kampi CMD machinery. Candidates for local positions are notorious for “dropping” their party’s standard bearer if they appear to be hindrances to their own respective victories. But if Teodoro’s numbers go up to within striking distance, even from a 3rd place position by end March, then the local candidates of Lakas-Kampi CMD will support him all the way and that formidable machinery could indeed make the difference and push him to victory. But the key is still with the youth — the only sector with the kind of numbers to help Gibo in the catch-up he needs to obtain that is convincing to his party-mates. So far,  luckily for him or as a result of a deliberate strategy, it is the one sector that seems to be coalescing behind him in a major way. This one-two punch scenario could very well materialize to the surprise of not a few pundits and to the chagrin of his opponents that may not see it coming. There is enough time for major changes in the presidential ratings to occur. Abangan…


A certain Jesus Nazareno, who claims to be the “son” of the Black Nazarene, has asked the Liberal Party to advise Noynoy Aquino to withdraw from the race so that he (Mr. Nazareno) can replace him as the Liberal Party’s standard bearer. Nazareno explained that since the procession of “his father” (the Black Nazarene) last January was larger than that of Cory’s, that should make him more qualified than Noynoy to run for President and attract more voters. He also added that the “massacre” that took place in “Hacienda Heaven” involving Lucifer and his followers, unlike the Hacienda Luisita massacre, is well justified and documented in the bible no less. He also said that different from the C5 controversy surrounding Villar, the road built from purgatory  to heaven benefits millions of people while not using a single centavo of government money and that the price of property in heaven was not affected an iota because it has always been, well, priceless. Notwithstanding his rather skewed and amusing argument and rationale, we guess that since we are all children of God (Jesus, the Black Nazarene), that should at least qualify Mr. Nazareno as, indeed, a son of the Black Nazarene.


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  1. fil benitez

    Hi Edvee…joined Bongets campaign for a Senate seat today. Spent the afternoon with Lisa, Eki and Gerry Eusebio at Nat’l Campaign HQ near Mario’s in QC. Will help raise funds and campaign material from old friends pre-86 to get Bonget’s ratings up. Even revived an old blog had in Multiply and am simply posting speeches delivered on issues that are popular with the pro active youth like the windmills and tourism. At first Multiply wasn’t accepting the copy/paste was doing but with a little tweaking of the main body of the spiel, it got in heh heh. Keep up your blog as makes for interesting reading and a different point of view kinda rare these last decade. Am sending your blog addy to as many friends so they can savor that JV Cruz style of literature style. Your a chip of the old block i may say. More power. My email addy is and am fil benitez on Facebook and Multiply. Hope to bump into you on the campaign trail buddy. Was with Reujen Lista’s Dad too this afternoon. So take care ol buddy. fil

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