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Gibo — a waste of vote?

Mikey Arroyo to Congress via Party List representing security guards? Hahaha! (Sorry…) He must really feel passionate about serving the people, sacrificing his time and effort for a small salary just to contribute his enormous talents for the good of the country. Undoubtedly, no one is ignorant enough to think that he treats being a Congressman like a very lucrative “business” that his greed can’t think to give-up; that’s one notion we’re sure has not crossed anyone’s mind except, perhaps,  the truly foolish ones. Hahahaha! (Sorry, again) Okay, kidding aside: the only thing we know that he guards is his security — financial security that is. Oh, and also the financial security of his kids and his grand kids if we base it on what he has allegedly accumulated in the last nine years. Maybe that’s what they mean by “security guard.”

 In 1986, Corazon C. Aquino took over the reins of government on grand promises of a better future for our country. Six years later, she stepped down as mandated by the constitution and supported the candidacy of Fidel Ramos who acceded to power and led the nation for another six years. After Ramos came the election of Erap with the largest margin of votes since the multi-party system was adopted in the 1987 constitution. Two and a half years into his Presidency, Erap was unconstitutionally ousted and GMA became the de facto President, again, with the support of Cory and her family and the “political church.”  Nine years of GMA and 24 years since Cory came into power, where do we find the Philippines today in terms of: poverty alleviation; job availability in the domestic work-place for our workers; quality of education; human rights violations particularly against  media practitioners; peace and order; and corruption in government? Senator Aquino, Cory, Kamaganak Inc, and the rest of the yellow brigade have supported all those that have been in power since 1986 (except for the 2 1/2 years of Erap) and look where we are now? Sure, we need change but another Aquino, again, looks like more of the same. In fact, Noynoy was not even considered by HIS OWN party-mates qualified to be their veep candidate much less standard bearer until… the opportunists saw the potential of the crowd that mourned Cory’s death.  Ituloy ang laban against what and for whom? For the very few rich to get richer and the majority poor to get poorer?! Who are they trying to fool? Don’t answer that….

I have heard this comment, or the likes of it, too often: “I would vote for Gibo but I don’t want to ‘waste’ my vote on him due to his poor showing in the surveys.”  That kind of thinking could lose Gibo millions of votes. People should vote according to their conscience and conviction and not based on unreliable surveys. It would be a real waste of vote if one were to vote for someone who is not one’s first choice. If we wish the best for the country, we should vote for who we think is the best candidate to lead the country, period. We should also vote for a candidate not only for him or her to win (as much as we would like that), but also to be counted among those that voted for the most capable among the candidates, and for the ideals and platform that candidate espoused. We should treasure our  vote and treat it as a personal statement of one’s belief and conviction and not waste it on a compromise choice.  

It is incomprehensible how some people try to hold Congressman Ferdinand Marcos II (Bongbong) “responsible” for his father’s declaration of Martial Law almost 40 years ago especially now that he is running for Senator. Bongbong was barely fifteen years old when Martial Law was declared in 1972 not to mention he was in England attending to his schooling, perhaps, worrying about tickets for the  Rolling Stones concert as most youngsters his age were concerned with or the likes of it. As for the entire period of  Marcos Rule, it would be best to leave to historians the rendering of a dispassionate accounting of that period in the history of our nation. Bongbong Marcos, in fairness, has declared that he is ready to be judged by the voters not based on anyone’s actions nor on his father’s accomplishments for that matter, but based on his own performance the last 15 years he has been in public office – nine years as Governor of Ilocos Norte and six years as Representative of the 2nd district of the same province. Bongbong’s sterling performance during his years in public service, and the remarkable transformation of the province of Ilocos Norte under his leadership speaks for itself; and should the voters decide based on his track-record, then he will surely be voted to the Senate in the coming elections, half a century after the late President Ferdinand Marcos was first elected to the same post. And as the sun rises from the east, so also will the son from the north.

It’s high time the residents of Tondo get paid some kind of “royalty” every time a politician uses them as props whether in a live rally or in an infomercial or any kind of political propaganda that mentions them or alludes to them. Perhaps, that would be a more viable way out of poverty for them than any of the politicians’ plans and promises. They should get a sharp lawyer  to register the name for them.  That would be another “only in the Philippines” but,  might as well…

As far as logistics for the coming automated elections are concerned, we won’t really know what problems might arise  until they happen as we approach election day; and regarding some aspects of it, like on-time delivery of machines in each polling place (three days before elections), transport of satellite equipment to precincts where cellular signal becomes jammed or unusable, and deployment of replacement machines in cases of machine bog-down, we won’t know that for sure until it happens, or does not happen, come election day. What we have to ensure before the elections is that all contingencies for all possible mishaps are in place and ready to be utilized when and where the need may arise.  On election day itself, we can be sure there will be plenty of problems. It is the ability to address and rectify those problems swiftly  which will spell the difference between success and failure of  the elections, be it  automated or a switch to manual.

Gibo may have to “sell” to the electorate something more than “Galing at Talino” because even if it is true that he has those two traits as in fact he does,  they may not be at the top of the voter’s “shopping list,”  because if it were, how does one explain Bong Revilla’s topping all senatorial survey results?

It’s quite clear that Kris Aquino has the propensity, proclivity and insatiable appetite for taking attention away from whoever in her family is in the news – during her mother’s term as President; during her mother’s illness; during the wake and burial of the former President; and now, during the campaign of her brother Noynoy.  Based on that pattern, this won’t be the end we will be hearing of her love life, petty quarrels, and tribulations in general for the duration of the campaign period; and, if Noynoy wins, expect to be watching more of her  “reality show” in the next six years.  The real tragedy in her on-going “drama” is not to be found in her story but in the fact that media gives it the kind of attention that it does.


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