sona — “burn down the mission”

If after the SONA on Monday, the verdict reached is that this country is in a sad state of affairs and in a pathetic mess, then the people outside, the ones dressed in the more casual slippers and sando, would have all the right to lock in everyone in attendance — who in contrast will be dressed to the nines — and set the place on fire. After all, these “leaders” are the same people from the same families (notice the names haven’t changed), with their  “mix and match” temporary alliances, that have conspired and ruled this country the last half century and more; and the state we, as a nation, find ourselves in today (#51 in the 60 failed countries of the world) is their collective responsibility borne of their callous ruthlessness and elitist presumption that they, and only they, know  how to move this country forward. And this assumes that the creation of a more egalitarian, prosperous, and just society has been their intention all along as they are wont to repeat every election year. It will be the ultimate bonfire celebration for Filipinos, a real turning point in our history, the end to feudalist governance, and could be the light finally made visible at the end of the tunnel. Bring gasoline, torches, matches, and lighters! It’s not often we get a large chunk of them under one roof. Tee-hee!


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