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Campaigns and Gloom

IF they had come up with a brilliant logo/slogan that was widely praised in traditional and new media, would Ms. Yolly Ong have thought there was a concerted effort, paid for (but “naturally”), to applaud and extol her would have been successful project? That’s the problem with people immersed in less than scrupulous advertising and PR drives — crass commercialism: they think everything is paid for and with enough money, you can buy writers, broadcasters, bloggers and manipulate people’s minds. Not all the time. I’ll bet not all the money in the world will convince people that a rose in full bloom looks hideous; or the pureness of a baby’s laughter looks evil; or “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” with it’s plagiarized, copied, imitation logo was brilliant.  Philippines – 1 > Harvard – 0.

Underneath those diplomatic niceties, national day celebration wishes, joint communiques, endless series of diplomatic cocktail receptions, cozy “presentations of credentials” to heads of sates, effusive and ebullient speeches and “toasts” to friendships between nations, lie hard nosed jingoistic assessments of “son(s) of bitch(es)” leaders, not to be trusted bastards, back-room muscle flexing, intense business lobbying and the most imaginative racial slurs only well traveled diplomats can think of. Cheers, Salud, Mabuhay ang Wikileaks!  hehe!

The Pope has not only allowed the use of condom in certain situations but has even called it a “moral responsibility in some specific situations when the intention is to reduce the risk of AIDS.”  Gee…thanks! Now, that should apply to a whopping couple of hundred people (infected with AIDS yet still sexually active) among our population of nearly One Hundred Million, that now have the blessings, no less,  of the Pope in the use of condoms, albeit, stringently qualified to very specific situations. Three Hundred people —  max!

Sec. Lim should not use “Aloha” as an example of how a local dialect word could be made understandable by the entire world. Behind the popularization of “Aloha” were no less than the world dominating US Press, Hollywood, and the millions that have actually visited and continue to visit Hawaii notwithstanding familiarity with the word. With the intensive thousands of hours coverage of the World Cup recently held in South Africa, how many now know the meaning of Waka-Waka?


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