Man in the street: “anong nagyari sa mga inyong pangako nung 1986?” Man in the Porsche: “Huh? Pangako?” Pinag-aaralan pa namin”

In a couple of weeks, there will be some “celebrations” to commemorate the 1986 people power military backed US approved “revolution” that took place 25 yrs ago. What has been the result of what was touted as a reform movement besides the hackneyed response, “restoration of democracy,” whatever good that may be? The questions: 1) Do we have better quality education?  2) Is there less corruption?  3) Is there less poverty?  4) Are there more jobs domestically?  5) How is the peace and order situation?  6) Is there a more efficient rendering by government of basic services?  7) Have we matured as voters?  8) Have we licked the insurgency problem?  9) Have we straightened out problems within the PNP and AFP?  10) Have the promises and vows made in 1986 (a quarter of a century ago!) been fulfilled? WHAT IS THERE TO CELEBRATE??


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