What are we celebrating and will there be enough food to go around?

In a few days, there will be some “celebrations” to commemorate the 1986 people power military backed US approved “revolution” that took place 25 yrs ago. The question that obviously begs to be asked is: what has been the outcome, a quarter of a century later, of what was touted as a “reform movement,” besides the hackneyed response, “restoration of democracy,” whatever good that may be? We can imagine some of those reading this article now  to have jumped up from their seats at our “belittling” of  “the restoration of democracy.”  We’re also almost certain these are the same people that praise to high heavens the progress non-democratic Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, et al have made over the years.

Going back to what has happened this last quarter of a century, we need to first answer these basic questions:  1) Do we have better quality education now?  2) Is there less corruption?  3) Is there less poverty?  4) Are there more jobs domestically?  5) How is the peace and order situation?  6) Is there a more efficient rendering by government of basic services?  7) Have we matured as voters?  8) Have we licked the insurgency problem?  9) Have we straightened out problems within the PNP and AFP?  10) Have the promises and vows made in 1986 (a quarter of a century ago!) been fulfilled?  If we do a life-style check on all those that served in government the last 25 years under Cory, FVR, Erap, GMA, including all their respective Kamaganak Inc. and cronies, what do you think the findings would be?  And finally, what is it we are celebrating and who are we going to be fooling again?

According to Cesar Carino, the Commissioner of the People Power Commission , this year’s “people power” celebration aims to rekindle the EDSA spirit of sharing, giving and caring. Mr. Carino sounds like he’s talking about a completely different country given the present situation in our country today where education, basic services, employment, corruption, just to mention a few, have all gone for the worse since ’86, those days that he imagines had the spirit of sharing, giving, and, laughably, caring for the poor. On the eve of pending price increases in the MRT, LRT, toll rates, etc., the struggling  poor of this country know they are poorer and that there are more of them now. Mr. Carino should be sensitive not to insult their intelligence. There is little for them to celebrate. Let’s not insult them a second time.



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5 responses to “What are we celebrating and will there be enough food to go around?

  1. edveecruz

    The “leaders” behind People Power made promises they did not intend to keep.
    The reforms they promised was a lie they foisted on the people to get their support and when they got into power, they were more corrupt than the Marcos administration. Marcos did not invent corruption. He was smart but not that smart. Corruption has been around for thousands of years.

  2. The meaning and substance of people power is one of the treasures and legacy that our people should be thankful.However people specially those who run the goverment seems to be indifferent to this value and meaning.Besides we believe all wat is happening of today are the by product of what happen before since marcos who invented corruption. nothing actually change but it is not the people [power to blame but our people who tolerates the like of corruption at all level.

  3. brian

    Great blog! it’s sad if we imagine where we are heading based on the current situations of our country and its “leaders”. I feel it’s about time that we start taking care of ourselves and not depend on the government. We should start doubling, if not, tripling our urge to work. Maybe next elections, we will be smarter.

  4. Pekpek

    ikaw ba yung beggar sa pex? oh eto pinansin na kita . . goodluck

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