Bishop’s public statement on Marcos burial — his precious opinion

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, chair of the CBCP permanent committee on public affairs, has publicly stated that the late President Marcos should not be buried at the Lbingan ng mga Bayani. Fortunately, he reminded us that “it would be up to Malacañang and the military authorities to decide whether or not Marcos deserved to be buried at the Libingan.” He obviously is aware of what falls under the purview of the State as separate from the Church and his thoughts about the matter was merely an act of generosity and in the spirit of sharing his precious opinion. When the late General Reyes took his own life yet was allowed a Christian burial, conversely, it was just as clearly not for the State to impose the teaching of Holy Scripture and of the Church, which condemns the act as a most atrocious crime and is supposed to deny the suicide a Christian burial. Now, that clearly falls under the Church’s prerogative even if, as we recall, it has disallowed the same for other suicides of, well, lesser rank than that of a General of the AFP. In the case of hostage taker Mendoza, a mere Sr. Insp. in the Police Force, a priest had to get approval from a higher authority in the Catholic Church before officiating the funeral mass. But whatever the case may be, the State has no business interfering in the decision of the Church in matters of doctrine and Church rules. In cases of pedophilia, known to many as being rampant among the Catholic Clergy, the State could interfere in such wrongdoings because not only is that a sin under the eyes of God, it is also a criminal act punishable by law. Perhaps, the good Bishop could enlighten us further in cases of that nature including sexual harassment as, say, between a priest and his altar boy.


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