1 to 100 odds; “palace” your bets!

If we imagine FG has put aside P1B (One Billion Pesos or about $20M) for “legal expenses”  just in case there is serious threat on his amassed fortune or possibility of incarceration, that would be the equivalent of paying 200 people or companies P5M each; or computed another way,  that’s P10M each to 100 people or P20M each to 50 individuals. Is a P1B reserved “legal fund” far fetched for someone as wealthy as FG, nine years at the palace overseeing all kinds of deals in all departments of government every single day of those nine years? We’re talking deals ranging from smuggling, rice importation, ZTE-NBN like deals, fertizer scams, military purchases, infra-structure, etc., to plain “protection money” from high-up officials (to ensure they retain their lucrative posts) in his wife’s government. What would be the chances of his being ever convicted or even issued a speeding ticket with that kind of “legal” budget? Just the interest alone on a big sum of cash and appreciation in value of investments made would already be staggering making  P1B not only believable but perhaps, a drop in the bucket for someone that wealthy and he may not even need to spend the entire amount.  Las Vegas odds makers would probably peg the odds at 1 to 100 chances of his ever being jailed no matter how straight the road may be. And if that road is straight within the palace grounds, as soon as one drives out of there, with or without a Porsche, one better be ready for a trip full of zig-zags, u-turns, and sharp curves especially along “Judiciary Ave.”  Juanna bet? “Palace” your bets!



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