Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Friar?

"Let's DOH it!"

Family Planner Wins Senate Seat -- 2nd spot of 12



 Akbayan Representative Walden Bello was reported to have said that the anti-RH Bill group don’t want an early vote on the Bill and would try and stretch the proceedings to bring the vote closer to the 2013 elections “so those running will be intimidated by the Church lobby.”  The people supporting the bill are behaving like they are afraid of their own shadows. If they claim that the most recent surveys show a big majority of Filipinos support the bill, why should they fear that voting comes close to election time? Are they lying about the surveys or are they just pathetically so conditioned in fearing the friars and the Church that they can’t manage simple logic that should tell them that if the surveys are true, then it should be the “antis” afraid that voting on the bill be held close to election time.

It’s true that there is plenty of residual fear coming from hundreds of years of Church domination over Filipinos but our leaders in the legislature are supposed to be above that, specially now, already more than a hundred years after ending that relationship of total subjugation of Filipinos by the Catholic Church that was then represented by Spanish friars. Today, the friars are now brown Filipinos speaking our native tongue and Akbayan Representative Bello sounds like he still shakes in fear before these Bishops and Priests as he suggests others do the same.

It’s time we  remember again a “jolly good fellow,” once a Secretary of the Department of Health, and a two time Senator. With a most amiable disposition, former Secretary and Senator Juan Flavier not only openly endorsed and encouraged the use of condoms (diametrically opposed to Catholic Church doctrine), but managed to endear himself to the public while doing it and was rewarded a Senate seat by the voters when he ran after three years as  Secretary of Health. He ran again in 2001 and was  overwhelmingly re-elected placing 2nd over-all among the twelve elected for Senator. Voters are attracted to politicians that stand up for what they believe in, period. Conversely, they can spot those that shift with the tide, forever “campaigning” and not knowing how to lead.


We may never really know how the Japanese felt about PNoy’s insistence in donating $1M to the victims of the earthquake that triggered a tsunami in North-East Japan in March of this year.  The culture of the Japanese is not one that allows them to be overtly expressive of their true sentiments epitomized in their traditional tea ceremonies where slight nuances have to be interpreted by a keen  observance of movements and utterances.  A good indication might be to imagine how we would feel if we were placed in their shoes. Envisage then if after a devastating typhoon hit the Philippines, the Democratic Republic of Congo came forward and offered $1M to help those affected by the floods.  This is the poorest country in the world with about 80 countries in between them and us in the rankings while there are about 100 countries in between Japan and the Philippines. I’ll leave you to answer that question as there may be varied reactions to it. But for sure, there will be a lot of scratching of the heads and knowing Filipinos, not a few laughter.


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