Love and Riches in the Time of Luna

There’s this video in YouTube – “Aquino-Cojuangco: Facts They Don’t Want You to Know” — that’s going “viral” not so much for the “facts” being disclosed for the first time to some, but for the production value that is probably not even consciously appreciated. Firstly, the quality is excellent (HD) and the editing and some footages are quite good. It’s enough to impress you to a point that it helps in making the film credible. However, is it credible? Is the information in the film factual? Did Antonio Luna really leave with Dona Ysidra Cojuangco the wealth of the revolutionaries meant to help in the rebellion against Spain and then the Americans? That seems to have been thoroughly investigated and documented with personal accounts handed down from just two to three generations ago. Was the purchase of Azucarera sugar mill and Hacienda Luisita by the father of Cory made with a government loan with provisions that required the Cojuangco family to distribute the land after 10 years? Yes, that’s all on record. Were the terms of the loan adhered to, followed? Well, we all know it still belongs to them up to this day some 50 years after the acquisition. It also managed to get exemption from Cory’s agrarian reform program as was said in the film. The human rights record of Cory’s regime as stated in the film is also documented by independent human rights groups so all of the data included in the film are pretty much accurate and corroborated by data from other independent sources. Of course, the film dramatizes the numbers with special effects and professionally done graphics with matching musical score. In fact, there’s really nothing in the film that’s new except for the fact that the entire film is concentrated on the history of the Cojuangco-Aquino family and how they have accumulated the wealth and the power they now wield. For a “blind follower” of the “Yellow Brigade,” it would surely be jarring like no compilation of written documents could ever do if they were to be read at all. Filipinos are film lovers but nowhere near being voracious readers. This video as posted in YouTube was uploaded last Oct. 21, less than 3 weeks ago but only went “viral” a few days ago around the time P-Noy had his not too spontaneous YouTube question and answer program. We are aware of the attention and active participation of Malacanang in social networks including the setting up of various fictitious accounts to counteract criticisms and disseminate the Palace’s stand on issues. The more than 350,000 views the short film has garnered in a short span of time will surely get a counter offensive from the Palace in the form of rebuttal to the information supplied by the film either with another film on YouTube, or through their allies in traditional broadcast media, the Lopez group in particular. Meanwhile, we can expect the film posted in YouTube to continue to gain more views and to possibly break the 1M mark by year-end.


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