“They Will Survive”

For Friday/Dec. 2, 2011
Good Morning Philippines

The latest on GMA’s fate is an order from the lower court to have the former President transferred to a state hospital naming the Veterans Memorial Medical Center as one with adequate security and competent medical doctors to address her needs. Meanwhile, there is a pending motion from GMA’s lawyers requesting that she be placed under house arrest. The joint Comelec-DOJ panel that filed the electoral charges against her would like to see her behind bars and the general perception is whatever the panel wants is a mere echo of what the Palace wants. The President still enjoys popular support and continuously gets it from media in general; but recently publicized economic figures, the dip in the 3rd quarter economic growth in particular, will make it difficult for some of his supporters to continue singing praises in light of the low 3.2% growth in the 3rd quarter of this year. That makes it 5 consecutive quarterly dips in economic growth figures and someone is bound to shout the famous US President Bill Clinton era saying: “it’s the economy stupid!” This is particularly stinging for a President that’s been accused of doing many other things but “minding the store.” And this accusation does have bearing to accusations that he is obsessed with seeing GMA behind bars for reasons of vindictiveness as not a few have pointed out including European Institute for Asian Studies, vice chairman Dick Gupwell Either way, the figures do indicate that he is not minding the store. In this country of forgiveness, people will allow you almost anything as long as you keep their plates with food coming. When the reverse happens, you can expect a multitude of issues big as mountains that would have been mere mole-hills had most people’s stomachs been satisfied. The outlook based on world economic trends does not look very good for PNoy’s economic forecast and since he has been careless in making more political enemies than consolidating political alliances, a change in the direction of the “popularity” winds will make it doubly hard for him to recover with less political allies to support him. It must be remembered that the President has had no experience in leading the “yellow brigade” prior to the death of his mother and it is only now that we will see how politically astute he is especially during a political crisis — when it happens.

With the year coming to an end, the farmers in Hacienda Luisita will still not be spending Christmas in a property they can call their own. It will take much longer than that for an actual distribution to take place and land titles transferred to their names. But, for now, they will “survive” and the family of the Aquino-Cojuangco’s will likewise “survive.” That was the assurance given to all by Kris Aquino in a Tweet she made soon after the Supreme Court ruling was announced. Aren’t we glad the farmers in Luisita are not yet familiar with the Twitter social platform. That statement could have been the spark of an armed revolution right there. She continually gives new meaning to “loose cannon.”


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