“A Clear View of What is Right and What is Wrong”

For Friday/ Dec. 8, 2011
Good Morning Philippines

“I did not finish Law, but I grew up with a clear view of what is right and what is wrong, of what is pro-people and what is corrupt.” This was part of what the President said in his infamous speech at the opening of the First National Criminal Justice Summit at the Manila Hotel. That he did not finish law nobody will contest that nor did anyone for even one second suspect that he did.

If he has a “clear view of what is right and what is wrong, what is pro-people and what is corrupt,” why aren’t we hearing him denounce unfalteringly the three thousand smuggled containers early this year as was widely published a couple of months ago but we no longer hear about? Why does he not use as an example of his pro-people commitment the serving of justice to the victims of the Mendiola and Luisita massacres, both of which, after all these years, have yet to see somebody arraigned in court?

Was the obvious haste in the manner the charges were filed against GMA, and the all-time record speed in which the search warrant was served, in the realm of right or of wrong? Is the waste of time in persecuting one individual instead of focusing on bringing the economy forward right or wrong? And finally, was the repeated attempts in circumventing the law time and again since 1968 to cling on to Hacienda Luisita in order to continually “milk it” for the benefit of one family taught to him as being right or as being wrong?

And to cite the recent behavior of the President regarding the Marcos burial at the LNMB, it was published early this year that PNoy publicly stated that he was biased on the issue and so would leave the decision to Binay whom he tasked to consult with the various sectors of society and make a recommendation. Binay did just that and gave his report to the President recommending a full state burial but in his hometown province of Ilocos Norte. Again, days, weeks, months went by and suddenly, speaking at the anniversary of FOCAP, the President announced that no way under his watch will Marcos be given state honors and a burial at the LNMB and added that Marcos “master-minded” the sufferings experienced by the human rights victims under Martial law. In short, he went from declaring he was inhibiting himself from the burial issue to making the decision anyway, thus, rendering a decision that by his own admission was biased. So, is it right for him to be making biased decisions as he himself admitted, but wrong for Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona to do the same – assuming the Chief Justice is, indeed, biased? And for the record, all judgements made by Corona on cases involving GMA were made along with the majority and at times, unanimously, but never was it a swing vote. In short, had he inhibited himself in all those GMA cases, the decisions of the court would not have been different.

And on the second part of his statement that he is also supposed to know – “what is pro-people and what is corrupt” – does the President share the same criteria and conclusion on the matter with the farmers in Luisita? It would help us all to begin to understand the President’s concept of “right and wrong,” of “pro-people and corrupt,” if he would elucidate us more on these questions and enlighten us with his “clear view” on these issues because judging from what we’ve just mentioned above, the only thing clear about his “clear view” is it is one big contradiction.

Perhaps, we should also be asking him when it was that he started to grow up — before or after he supported the “oust ERAP movement” that installed GMA as President? Before or after the DAR under Gloria ordered the scrapping of the “stock option” of the farmers of Hacienda Luisita?


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