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A Chance to Allow the System to Work, Down the Drain

The Senate “had to accept” the Articles of Impeachment and convene as an Impeachment Court for political reasons — the people expected them to do no less — more than for what the Constitution provides which is debatable and another story. That was the “press release” of the Senate. Let’s assume that it was imperative for them to do so, even if the whole world knew the charges were railroaded in the House of Representatives. Still, the Senators say, they wanted to show the people that they were not one to shirk from their responsibilities.

But why did they not accede to the request of the Defense for a pre-trial to determine probable cause and whether the Articles of Impeachment transmitted to them was without any infirmity and nobody’s rights were violated. That process would have achieved what the people clamored for which was to see that “big people” — a Chief Justice — can be brought to trial and that the “other big people” — the congressmen prosecutors — can also be repudiated if their action proved unconstitutional which it was, and the Articles of Impeachment returned to them for curative measures. There was no “verification” — that it has been read and known to be true — of the charge sheet by the complainants as became obvious on the first days of trial when it became embarrassingly clear it was a fishing expedition they were embarking on. Had there been a pre-trial, all branches of government would have been given their “due respect,” the co-equal branches of government concept would have been strengthened, and justice would have been served and most important, the Bill of Rights and Constitution as ratified by the people themselves, would have been upheld. The House would then have to do things the right way in accordance with the Constitution, verification and due process included, if it wanted to impeach anyone including PNoy. The CJ would have seen that he was not invulnerable to actually getting booted out. The Senators would have been seen doing their job with fairness and lessons would have been learned and institutions strengthened. Problem was, PNoy would have been slighted and the chance for Senators and Congressmen to milk him for whatever it was they needed from the executive, the palace, plus the exposure and opportunity for grandstanding, would have been lost. We’re a miserable country not only economically but politically and culturally, too. And we can’t blame our political leaders only because, sadly, it is us that elected them. Those that say this has been a step forward in political maturity are fooling themselves.


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