Happy (watch out!) New Year!!

New year’s eve celebration brought what many dreaded would happen again: a death caused by a stray bullet coming from a gun fired by an idiot who, after all the warnings and prayers and wishes publicised in media that no one would be stupid enough to think it could not happen, still fired a gun that killed a 7 year old girl. imagesEveryone that fired a gun as part of his/her New Year’s Eve revelry is equally guilty whether it was their gun or not that caused the death of the little girl.What are these people thinking when they fire their guns not knowing where the bullet will land? Are they “showing-off” that they can pull a trigger? But even a kid can do that, that’s why there are accidental deaths caused by children firing guns of their parents — another idiot — that are carelessly left within reach of their children and loaded at that.In exasperation, we can only say that this world definitely does not lack in stupid people. New year’s eve has become a dangerous event rather than a time of merriment and celebration. We sure know how to spoil a good thing when we see one.


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