Truth in Advertising NOT

Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. should be ashamed of himself and of his background as advertising man whom we shouldn’t have assumed practices what is known as “truth in advertising.” Mr.Jimenez was widely quoted in today’s dailies as having said that “crossing the 4-million mark is a feat in itself and puts us well on track to achieve our ultimate goal of 10 million visitor arrivals by 2016.” He was referring to the breaching of the 4M mark in number of tourists that visited the country last year. Before we go on, I hope Mr. Jimenez’ pants have been blasted with a fire extinguisher when it must have caught on fire after making that statement. Going back: he called reaching 4 Million tourist arrivals “a feat in itself” which is only eighty thousand more than the number of visitors of the year before or a 2% increase. The actual increase in number of tourists last year from the year before (2011) was a measly 355,357 bringing the total number of visitors to 4.27 million in 2012, up by 9% over the previous year. That fell short of their 4.6 Million target by almost half but that’s not as important as having crossed the 4 Million mark — “a feat in itself,” if we are to fall for the lie contained in Mr. Jimenz’ “advertisment” of his performance for the year 2012. download
They say one lie leads to another and true enough, he continued to say that though they had failed in achieving their modest goal of 4.6 Million visitors, they were still on track or poised in reaching their far more ambitious goal of 10 Million tourists by 2016 or an increase of about 240% in four years. One would normally think: how can he say that with a straight face and not worry that he may fail dismally in reaching that goal based on his performance so far? Simple. All he feels he needs to do is put a spin on whatever will be the result of his efforts for the next four years and people would buy it as a huge success. There will always be something that could be called “a feat in itself” if one is trained and honed in the advertising industry where truth is irrelevant. Now, we’re beginning to think that Mr. jimenez might convince us that his aim at a goal of 10M tourists by the year 2016 is already “a feat in itself.” It seems achieving that goal is of no significance and totally irrelevant to one’s performance if you think like an ad man. In fact, I would say “odd man” is more like it, at least, in the real world. And crossing the 4 M mark in number of tourist arrivals (eighty thousand more than the year before) is no feat at all unless he meant feet and a smelly one at that.


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