“PNoy Hankers for 2nd Term NOT”

noyTHE way we see it, President Aquino is not bent at all on staying in power beyond 2016. He’s been talking about his retirement since his first year in office and, already, with a longing to get out of it and be laid back again, or whatever. So it’s not only because of not wishing to besmirch his mother’s legacy of one who relinquished power in accordance to Constitutional term limits but because he never did want to be President in the first place. We are all agreed that his presidency was accidental in that one can never really predict the time of death of any person and the same was true of the death of his mother. PNoy never wanted to be head of an organization, be it  private or public, and certainly not head of the entire government. Otherwise, he would have been head of “something” already given the resources of his family and being the only son and namesake of his father. But he was not, and is not, inclined to be top-honcho of any significant entity so, put simply, he was never at the forefront of anything throughout his life. This is not in any way to put him down; this is just what it is. In fact, he may be the wiser one for not wanting the thankless job of President of this country unless one has plans of stealing.

In the matter of creating laws, the record will bear us out that he likewise had no strong liking for it as can be gleaned from his 12 year stint in both houses of Congress. Looking at his experience in the Legislative Branch of government, again, there is no indication whatsoever that he had any intentions of leading as Speaker or Senate President. So what’s the beef behind this hoopla of taking a potentially damaging stance regarding “charter change”  by virtually announcing his readiness to run anew in the 2016 presidential elections, a legal “no-no” in the context of the “Cory Constitution” no less. Ploy. It’s called getting Binay out of his enviable position of defender and alter-ego of PNoy while simultaneously being the de-facto head of the opposition. It’s an improvement on the old political adage coined by Amang Rodriguez, “politics is addition.” In Binay’s case you could say it’s “politics is multiplication” and that pisses the hell out of Secretary Mar Roxas and other Presidential hopefuls. 


Their other option is to physically place Binay with the opposition who have been charged with plunder and are now in jail; hence, the “over-pricing of a parking building” charges against Binay allegedly committed while he was still Mayor.

The general plan is to force Binay out of the Cabinet for “not being in harmony with the President’s “cha-cha” intentions” and place him in direct opposition to the “likely” administration candidate for 2016, no  other than Mr. Noynoy Aquino. The switch from Noynoy back to Mar will come later.

There will be no such thing as PNoy for the top seat after his term ends in 2016. It just doesn’t jive with his personal history.


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