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“The Noose Has Tightened Around the Necks of the Binays”

“I think at the right time lalabas sila (Limlingan and Baloloy) kasi at this point, for us, hindi ang Senado ang proper forum to address all the issues,” Senator Nancy Binay stated in a DZBB radio interview. The “for us,” meaning, her family and advisers, would seem to be the party that carries the weightiest opinion in regard to “the right time” they will surface. That kind of presumption of one’s opinion carrying tremendous weight is justified when announced by Buckingham Palace or a spokesperson of a dictatorial government, both cases, not applicable to her. But that’s what the Binay children of the Vice President seem to have learned from their father: that they rule over and above the law in their fiefdom of Makati which they hope to expand to cover the entire archipelago. Otherwise, what relevance does what they think “is the proper forum” or “the right time” have with Limlingan’s and Baloloy’s appearance, respectively, before the senate sub committee that is investigating alleged plunder by both the Binays, father and son, unless they, the Binay family, themselves, are the ones harbouring their two “alleged fronts,” thus, the ones calling the shots as to when they will surface. Again, the fish is caught by the mouth. The noose has tightened around the necks of the Binays with the court order freezing their bank accounts and those of their alleged dummies. In addition, the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub Committee report has recommended the filing of plunder charges against the Vice President and others involved in the overpricing of Makati buildings during the time the VP was Mayor of Makati. Consequently, his supporters, if we are to believe the surveys, have substantially dwindled in number. The Binays have, as expected, vehemently denied the charges against them saying that the Senate investigation was politically motivated but saying that is  practically ignoring the testimonies of dozens of resource persons, witnesses, and whistle blowers pointing to his guilt. The VP also stated that the findings of AMLAC were wrong claiming that he had a thriving business and substantial savings before he joined government. He is ready to change his “poor boy” past to a “not that poor” past or anything that will make the charges against him less believable. He is also hoping that the campaign atmosphere that is slowly but surely heating up will make the accusations look like part and parcel of a typical Presidential campaign. He has a well oiled propaganda machinery to manipulate the minds of the people and is using it to the hilt. He is also using Makati City funds for his “give aways” to the millions of residents of the hundreds of sister municipalities and sister cities of Makati all over the country, established precisely to be used in this campaign, the ultimate campaign of his career, a sordid career tainted by corruption charges from year one as the appointed OIC of Makati. The VP is apparently emboldened by the surveys that still show him leading the race for the presidency plus the fact that the Aquino and Cojuangco clans are solidly behind him including the sisters of the President who have shed all pretenses of a  bnbnnbnnn

morality aligned with the “daan matuwid” concept. Never mind that the VP may be the epitome of corruption for as long as he remains a staunch ally of their family. The real spirit behind EDSA 1 is finally unmasked if it hasn’t been yet for some. For Binay, this is a race between jail and Malacanang Palace — all or nothing. For the country, it is between more tiny steps forward or a giant step backward with six years of unbridled corruption under a Binay presidency — a spectre some people can’t wait to happen and partake of. The choice for the country should be a no-brainer but how many of the voters actually have brains? And then there’s the greed of Binay’s patrons/supporters…all licking their chops. Ayos!


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