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Secret Agent 00007

What happens now that Binay has lost his spot on the top position in the ranking of the most recent surveys where Senator Poe now leads the pack of presidential hopefuls for the coming 2016 elections? Assuming these surveys were accurate, we believe Binay will slide down even further before he picks up again, if he does, sometime during the campaign because of his refusal to answer the accusations against him point for point; instead, he chooses to just brush it off as a politically motivated nuisance rather than a serious crime against the Filipinos. He carries-on with his “normal” daily affairs hoping the people will fall for his “politically motivated” explanation of the charges simply on his mere say so. But it’s obvious he is feigning normalcy as can be gleaned by the number of times he has changed or added a new spokesperson and the equally numerous times one or the other of his children have shown signs of rattled nerves, the latest being the inane “gravity” explanation of one of the siblings when clarifying the slide down of Binay in the surveys.


Just the other day, he tendered his letter of resignation to PNoy in one succinct sentence: “I hereby tender my irrevocable resignation as cabinet member effective immediately.” Now, Jojo Binay and James Bond have the same initials to their respective names but that doesn’t give Jejomar the license to immitate Mr. Bond’s letter of resignation in the film, Casino Royale, which also contained only one sentence : “I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect. Sincerely, J. B.” But that’s where the similarity between the both JB ends, because one of them goes after the asses of plunderers, murderers, cheats, and other unsavory characters while the other is himself being charged with plunder ….so, perhaps, a more suitable name for him would be “James Bind”  seeing how he now finds himself in a bind… or, on second thought,  “Bond” would actually do but as in Bail-Bond referring to the numerous charges against him.


When asked what he will be doing now that he no longer has a cabinet post that will keep him busy, the Veep said he will continue with PNoy’s fight against corruption and said he will prioritize PNoy’s “crusade against crooks in government” and will remove “ang mga sige pa rin sa graft and corruption,” of course, his family not included. He added that he had no idea where the alleged “Binay dummies,” Limlingan and Baloloy, are presently. He blamed his being perceived as among the most corrupt government officials in the country on what he describes as our “negatively thinking society” and said his detractors were just being “insecure” about his being number one — most trusted or presidential aspirant — in the surveys. But less and less people are believing what Binay has been saying. Even Dr. No would have diagnosed him to be a pathological liar. He could have starred in his own James Bond version of “Live and Let Die” slightly changed to “Live and Let Lie.” Can you imagine all the over-pricing that could be done with the high-tech gadgets of a James Bond film featuring Agent O-O-verpriced.

It was most difficult to find anything true coming out of the VP’s mouth during that recent broadcast interview held shortly after his resignation.  It’s this kind of non-stop brazen lying that flows easily from his utterances that many find “scary” in imagining a Binay presidency. To say Binay is a liar is not describing him fully; a more accurate description would be “one without a single honest bone in his body.” The political opposition may have to…ah, “scout” for a less crooked candidate before Binay’s chances at winning the presidency finally blow up into smithereens. The Vice President’s defense against charges of plunder and corruption are sounding more and more hallow each day that passes without a credible response from the VP specific to the charges. In addition, any one of the alleged dummies that are nowhere to be found is a potential whistle blower and a final nail on the political coffin of the veep. On the other hand he or she is also a potential assassin’s victim. Uh-oh, time to call out Agent 000007 — as in overpricing, too many zeroes in that number but that’s the way he likes it.


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