Gives New Meaning to “Strange “Bedfellows'”

Vice President Binay is being asked how he will reconcile his having fought the Martial Law regime of President Marcos as a human rights lawyer with having Senator “Bongbong” Marcos as his running mate. His answer is: 1) Martial law is no longer an issue; 2) Bongbong is not President Marcos; and 3) that it is now time to move on. He must have loved answering that question because it implied that it is the Marcos name that is anathema to the voters and not the corruption and plunder charges that have been filed against the Veep. If not for the billions of pesos Binay, or rather, the city of Makati has already spent on municipalities and cities all over the country in the guise of a sisterhood relationship between these Local Government Units and  Makati, Binay would be politically dead by now.

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But he is still a political force to reckon with despite the numerous testimonies of witnesses shedding light on the allegations of plunder against him. The money already spent on his campaign coupled with the war chest he still has at his disposal that is formidable, to say the least, is what is keeping him from being “knocked out” of the race. It must “pain” him to have to run with Marcos but not because it offends whatever values he may have which is nil, but because he will have to relegate to the sidelines, one of his many fake “badges of honour” which, in this case, is his “human rights lawyer/freedom fighter” persona that is, at best, highly exaggerated — fabricated for the most part. So far, two of his disguises — “boy-scout” and “human rights lawyer activist” — have become difficult to wear due to the corruption scandal that has hit his family. He still has his “exemplar city government chief executive” image and his “poor boy who cares for the downtrodden of our society” persona to use in his campaign. But his “bag full of tricks” is fast getting depleted.

Truth is, it is more  disadvantageous for Senator Marcos to team up with him than the other way around. Senator Marcos, in his more than two decades of public service, has never been charged with, much less convicted of, any malfeasance in the performance of his duties as an elected official of the Republic. Binay, on the other hand,  has “corruption” and “plunder” written across his entire career in government from day one of his appointment as OIC of Makati including his Boy Scout presidency for over twenty years. It is Mr. Marcos that will have to do the explaining to his followers why he has agreed, if and when he does, to run along side Binay who claims the plunder charges against him are just politically motivated and baseless. But it is difficult to brush aside the  long line of witnesses, experts, and whistle blowers that have already testified against him in the on-going Senate investigation where he refuses to confront his accusers giving more credence to the allegations made against him.

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He will also need to explain why he will be “sleeping” with one of the leaders of that small but powerful cabal of politicians and oligarchs that have built their fortunes from, and made careers of, “Marcos bashing” since 1986 when President Marcos was whisked away by the Americans and brought to Hawaii where he could no longer defend himself. The Senator will have to clarify to the “Marcos loyalists” why he is running with someone who continues to vilify President Marcos as recent as only months ago and whose idea it was to build a museum of sorts that will remind the people of Marcos’ human rights record even if human rights violations post Marcos have been worse and have given us the distinction of being “the most dangerous country not at war to live in for a journalist.” Of course, we all know that his participation in setting up the museum is part of reinventing  himself as a staunch defender of human rights and, partly, to cover up his notorious “goon inclinations.”


So why is media, or some in media (his paid hacks?), harping on Bongbong being “baggage” to Binay’s run for the Presidency? This scenario certainly gives the impression of a Binay up in a pedestal asking that people not pass harsh judgement on Bongbong as if Senator Marcos needed him to make excuses for his past. The Senator would be more credible answering criticisms against himself than Binay defending him; nowadays, Binay’s endorsement is like being blessed by the devil.  It is, no doubt,  a clever move on Binay’s part  to have Bongbong on his ticket and one that only a shrewd and wily politician like Binay would concoct as a way of deflecting and replacing what should be the real issues against the Vice President — corruption and plunder. It is Binay that would be so lucky to share the stage with Senator Marcos, and the solid north will be one hell of a bonus he will be looking forward to. It would also do Mr. Marcos well to ask Erap a thing or two about Binay’s “junking” habits.

Should the tandem materialize, there’s a downside to this for the Veep that he may have overlooked: on stage beside the boyish looking Bongbong, he will appear to be older than the already 74 years old that he is — an image that the youth will have difficulty identifying with, in boy scout uniform or not. Next thing you know, Binay will be addressing everyone as “dude” and “bro.” Don’t be surprised.


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Secret Agent 00007

What happens now that Binay has lost his spot on the top position in the ranking of the most recent surveys where Senator Poe now leads the pack of presidential hopefuls for the coming 2016 elections? Assuming these surveys were accurate, we believe Binay will slide down even further before he picks up again, if he does, sometime during the campaign because of his refusal to answer the accusations against him point for point; instead, he chooses to just brush it off as a politically motivated nuisance rather than a serious crime against the Filipinos. He carries-on with his “normal” daily affairs hoping the people will fall for his “politically motivated” explanation of the charges simply on his mere say so. But it’s obvious he is feigning normalcy as can be gleaned by the number of times he has changed or added a new spokesperson and the equally numerous times one or the other of his children have shown signs of rattled nerves, the latest being the inane “gravity” explanation of one of the siblings when clarifying the slide down of Binay in the surveys.


Just the other day, he tendered his letter of resignation to PNoy in one succinct sentence: “I hereby tender my irrevocable resignation as cabinet member effective immediately.” Now, Jojo Binay and James Bond have the same initials to their respective names but that doesn’t give Jejomar the license to immitate Mr. Bond’s letter of resignation in the film, Casino Royale, which also contained only one sentence : “I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect. Sincerely, J. B.” But that’s where the similarity between the both JB ends, because one of them goes after the asses of plunderers, murderers, cheats, and other unsavory characters while the other is himself being charged with plunder ….so, perhaps, a more suitable name for him would be “James Bind”  seeing how he now finds himself in a bind… or, on second thought,  “Bond” would actually do but as in Bail-Bond referring to the numerous charges against him.


When asked what he will be doing now that he no longer has a cabinet post that will keep him busy, the Veep said he will continue with PNoy’s fight against corruption and said he will prioritize PNoy’s “crusade against crooks in government” and will remove “ang mga sige pa rin sa graft and corruption,” of course, his family not included. He added that he had no idea where the alleged “Binay dummies,” Limlingan and Baloloy, are presently. He blamed his being perceived as among the most corrupt government officials in the country on what he describes as our “negatively thinking society” and said his detractors were just being “insecure” about his being number one — most trusted or presidential aspirant — in the surveys. But less and less people are believing what Binay has been saying. Even Dr. No would have diagnosed him to be a pathological liar. He could have starred in his own James Bond version of “Live and Let Die” slightly changed to “Live and Let Lie.” Can you imagine all the over-pricing that could be done with the high-tech gadgets of a James Bond film featuring Agent O-O-verpriced.

It was most difficult to find anything true coming out of the VP’s mouth during that recent broadcast interview held shortly after his resignation.  It’s this kind of non-stop brazen lying that flows easily from his utterances that many find “scary” in imagining a Binay presidency. To say Binay is a liar is not describing him fully; a more accurate description would be “one without a single honest bone in his body.” The political opposition may have to…ah, “scout” for a less crooked candidate before Binay’s chances at winning the presidency finally blow up into smithereens. The Vice President’s defense against charges of plunder and corruption are sounding more and more hallow each day that passes without a credible response from the VP specific to the charges. In addition, any one of the alleged dummies that are nowhere to be found is a potential whistle blower and a final nail on the political coffin of the veep. On the other hand he or she is also a potential assassin’s victim. Uh-oh, time to call out Agent 000007 — as in overpricing, too many zeroes in that number but that’s the way he likes it.

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“The Noose Has Tightened Around the Necks of the Binays”

“I think at the right time lalabas sila (Limlingan and Baloloy) kasi at this point, for us, hindi ang Senado ang proper forum to address all the issues,” Senator Nancy Binay stated in a DZBB radio interview. The “for us,” meaning, her family and advisers, would seem to be the party that carries the weightiest opinion in regard to “the right time” they will surface. That kind of presumption of one’s opinion carrying tremendous weight is justified when announced by Buckingham Palace or a spokesperson of a dictatorial government, both cases, not applicable to her. But that’s what the Binay children of the Vice President seem to have learned from their father: that they rule over and above the law in their fiefdom of Makati which they hope to expand to cover the entire archipelago. Otherwise, what relevance does what they think “is the proper forum” or “the right time” have with Limlingan’s and Baloloy’s appearance, respectively, before the senate sub committee that is investigating alleged plunder by both the Binays, father and son, unless they, the Binay family, themselves, are the ones harbouring their two “alleged fronts,” thus, the ones calling the shots as to when they will surface. Again, the fish is caught by the mouth. The noose has tightened around the necks of the Binays with the court order freezing their bank accounts and those of their alleged dummies. In addition, the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub Committee report has recommended the filing of plunder charges against the Vice President and others involved in the overpricing of Makati buildings during the time the VP was Mayor of Makati. Consequently, his supporters, if we are to believe the surveys, have substantially dwindled in number. The Binays have, as expected, vehemently denied the charges against them saying that the Senate investigation was politically motivated but saying that is  practically ignoring the testimonies of dozens of resource persons, witnesses, and whistle blowers pointing to his guilt. The VP also stated that the findings of AMLAC were wrong claiming that he had a thriving business and substantial savings before he joined government. He is ready to change his “poor boy” past to a “not that poor” past or anything that will make the charges against him less believable. He is also hoping that the campaign atmosphere that is slowly but surely heating up will make the accusations look like part and parcel of a typical Presidential campaign. He has a well oiled propaganda machinery to manipulate the minds of the people and is using it to the hilt. He is also using Makati City funds for his “give aways” to the millions of residents of the hundreds of sister municipalities and sister cities of Makati all over the country, established precisely to be used in this campaign, the ultimate campaign of his career, a sordid career tainted by corruption charges from year one as the appointed OIC of Makati. The VP is apparently emboldened by the surveys that still show him leading the race for the presidency plus the fact that the Aquino and Cojuangco clans are solidly behind him including the sisters of the President who have shed all pretenses of a  bnbnnbnnn

morality aligned with the “daan matuwid” concept. Never mind that the VP may be the epitome of corruption for as long as he remains a staunch ally of their family. The real spirit behind EDSA 1 is finally unmasked if it hasn’t been yet for some. For Binay, this is a race between jail and Malacanang Palace — all or nothing. For the country, it is between more tiny steps forward or a giant step backward with six years of unbridled corruption under a Binay presidency — a spectre some people can’t wait to happen and partake of. The choice for the country should be a no-brainer but how many of the voters actually have brains? And then there’s the greed of Binay’s patrons/supporters…all licking their chops. Ayos!

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“Congressman Rodolfo Albano III — may his tribe increase”

There is one Congressman in the Lower House who has been proposing to legalize the use of marijuana to treat chronic or debilitating diseases and other medical conditions that have found cure in the marijuana plant. Congressman Albano’s advocacy is a controversial one to say the least, and a bold one, too, in that he risks being labeled wrongly by anti-drug persons in and out of government, many of whom can’t even make the distinction between heroin, marijuana, shabu, and other prohibited drugs that are far different from each other in much more ways than they are similar. Albano is up against emotionally fueled ignorance which can be the most frustrating opponent in any social undertaking because reasoning with them is sometimes next to impossible. And if a Congressman is not devoted or passionate enough about the bills he tries to pass in Congress, that bill, no matter how noteworthy, will almost certainly die on its own. But Albano feels strongly about it as do many others in many parts of the world. What these people share is compassion for those afflicted by diseases that can be alleviated or cured by this plant that is rich in curative attributes. mj   Albano’s bill or the “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act,” seeks to legalize the use of the plant for medical purposes. It proposes to allow the use of marijuana to treat medical conditions  such as “cachexia or wasting syndrome; severe and chronic pain; severe nausea; seizures, including but not limited to those characteristic of epilepsy; or severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those associated with multiple sclerosis” and many other ailments, big and small.

The fact is the plant is now known, after years of extensive clinical research, to help people with a variety of diseases, and for a government to deprive its’ citizens of a way out of their suffering from an illness is a form of oppression that goes against basic human rights.

In the United Staes alone, about half of the 50 States that comprise that country have already either legalized or decriminalized or legalized medically the use of canabis in their respective states and more will be following suit in the very near future. Many other countries in Europe and South-America have done likewise. Here, we still witness some politicians capitalize on the ignorance of the general population and perpetuate the many myths or misinformation or plain superstitions surrounding this plant and even propose to increase the penalties against illegal  possession sending young people to serve longer jail terms only to come out of prison years later addicted to the really harmful drugs like shabu or even heroin. Legislators like that don’t realize how their politics ruin young lives on the one hand and on the other hand, deprive others of prolonging their lives if not providing their remaining years in this world with “quality life” through the use of this plant under the supervision of a doctor. mj3

Though Congressman Rodolfo Albano III may seem to be ahead of his time among his rather parochial peers — some, not all of them — and maybe premature in filing this bill, we feel confident that with his experience in passing legislation and the respect he has earned as a progressive minded Congressman all the years he has spent in the Lower House, he will muster enough support to eventually have that bill signed into law. And as it did “about 2,500-10,000 years ago in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine” as pointed out by Congressman Albano III, the plant can finally be put to good use to help assuage if not eliminate the suffering associated with numerous medical conditions. We salute the Congressman from Isabela for doing what is right against tough odds, rather than just doing what is easy and popular. May the good Congressman’s tribe increase.   mj4 ####################################################################################################

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Narco Politics by Chemical Disenfranchisement

“Narco-politics” has been mentioned not a few times in the context of Philippine politics. In all mentions, it describes how campaign funds coming from “drug lords” ensures the continuity of the flow of drugs into the community where the elected official’s campaign funds were largely contributed by the drug lords. The contribution makes them beholden to the drug supplier in the same manner that they are indebted to the other big contributors be they legitimate businessmen or otherwise. Jueteng operators are also another source of campaign funding that ensures unhampered operations of the betting game in the turf of the elected official.

But there is another way illegal drugs, Shabu in particular, can influence the results of an election. To appreciate how it can affect the results, two things must be understood: 1st, that Shabu is by far the number one choice of drug of the vast majority of illegal drug users in the country and that its prevalence is such that it is safe to say that everyone has or has had a neighbor, a relative, or a friend that is known to use it or to have used it at one time or the other. The other thing to understand is the effect of the drug on a person. To begin with, it is highly addictive meaning the use of it for just a relatively few times in succession can already instigate a craving that if not satisfied, will produce the withdrawal symptoms identified with Shabu. The different types of narcotics produce different withdrawal symptoms. Many are familiar with stories about withdrawal from heroin or other opiates wherein the person undergoes cold sweat from severe physical pains including diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, sometimes all at the same time.  Withdrawal from alcohol and barbiturates causes hallucinations among other things. With shabu, the most obvious symptom is continuous long hours of sleep from a sleepiness that is almost impossible to resist. There is also the “lethargic” symptom (low-bat), and irritability, but days of uncontrollable sleep is the most pronounced.

There is another aspect to the drug that needs to be mentioned that has to do with its supply and that is the centralized control of its availability by a “force” that is a combination of  big drug lords and top officials of drug enforcement agencies and some members of the PNP who are themselves, engaged in, and profit from, the trade. This “force” could, if it wanted to, cut off supply in a particular community overnight, literally, so much so that within 24 hours, only trickles of it will be available and at a very high price as the law of supply and demand kicks in. This is a fact known to drug pushers in every level, from those that trade by the kilo to the hundred peso neighborhood pusher

sha                                      sh

Now, this is how Shabu can affect the results of an election: first, whoever will utilize the scheme must have  command over those that control the supply and more likely than not, it would be the politicians in power. The politician/official would give strict orders to his top cop to stop the flow of supply in areas where he is likely to lose. Conversely, he will ensure a steady supply in areas where he is likely to win. If the supply is cut off in a given area a day or two before elections, the voters dependent on the drug will find it difficult to muster enough energy to go to their voting precincts and line up to vote come election day when the withdrawal symptom would have kicked in. Not only that: the addicted tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, and other persons designated to bring the voters to their respective precincts, will likewise be temporarily indisposed either because they are asleep or too lethargic to move beyond their homes. The result will be a low voter turn out in the areas deprived of the drug and that could be a barangay, a municipality, a city, a province or even an entire region. In the areas where the drug is readily available and perhaps even lowered in price, voting will experience a high turn out which presumably would be the area where the politician giving the order is confident of winning. On a national level, if only, say, 5% of registered voters that were meant to vote for a specific candidate are unable to vote due to the implementation of this scheme that will cause the chain of events as described to occur, that would translate to a loss of about 2 million votes for the affected candidate.


If this scenario of “chemically disenfranchising” voters seems implausible in spite of the facts aforementioned above, perhaps we should add here that according to PDEA and PNP officials, and confirmed by United Nations figures as seen on their stats of illicit drugs worldwide, the sale of Shabu in this country has reached 200 kilos (200,000 grams) a day worth P1B in the streets. That’s the daily trade of the illicit drug industry in the Philippines — P1 Billion a day. (A British filmmaker, Martin Butler, who traveled all over the Philippines in 2007 interviewing shabu addicts , believes the figure is actually closer to seven million Filipino shabu addicts.)

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Binay in the Right Perspective

What Manila used to be, Makati is now in many ways. It is the premiere city even if it is not the capital similar to what Shanghai is to China, New York to the United States, or Rio to Brazil. Among the cities of the Philippines, Makati has the highest per capita income at P16,535 with a country average of P3,951 and the city with the lowest at P1,114; in total income real amount, it ranks second to Quezon City with Manila in third but no more than 10% difference between the three. In area and population, however, Makati is significantly, if not a great deal, smaller compared to the other two. QC is about 8 times larger than Makati in land with a population of 2.7 million compared to Makati City’s 550,000 residents while 1.7 million people live in Manila.

Makati as recent as the 1950’s was a small sleepy town with large open fields that the Ayala family owned with plans of developing the empty space into first class residential villages and later on, a business center. In a span of 25 years beginning in the late 50’s, the Ayala Corporation transformed their part of the city into a modern residential district and a business center with office buildings taller than any previously seen in the country. So Makati as the business and financial center of the Philippines owes that status more to the trailblazing Ayala Corporation that chose Makati as the site of their premiere land development project in the late fifties and succeeded with flying colors. In the twenty years that followed Ayala’s venture into Makati, the City trebled its population and firmly established itself as the new business center of the country.  But there remained the other half of Makati outside the Ayala development that stayed poor and backwards. So, much of the advantage Makati has had over other cities in becoming the country’s premiere city is due to the efforts of the largest land developers in the country, rather than anything Binay had done. In fact, many of Binay’s programs are carry-overs of what his predecessor, Mayor Yabut, started, like the famous “yellow card” that provides a Makati resident with affordable if not free quality medical services.

If one were to peg the total expenditure of Makati over the last 28 years the Binays have been in power at, say, 200 Billion pesos , and compute 35% of that to have been lost to corruption, that amount lost and allegedly pocketed by its officials would come to P70B pesos, enough to add another 10 “ospital ng makati” at P2B each plus 20 more schools, more crime and fire fighting equipment, free internet access for all residents, enhanced services, and 20 more parking buildings, if they so desire. With that money, Makati could have embarked on an ongoing affordable housing project that would have made 20,000 families owners of the houses they would be living in. The city could have been much more than what it is today had there been less corruption or even just minimal corruption. It takes little to imagine what could be done with another P50B to P100B that was plundered and stolen by the Phantoms of the City Hall. That money could have seen affordable housing for Makati’s poor, a world class cultural center maybe, more schools including specialized learning centers for the arts and sciences, a hospital/clinic in every Barangay, a growing middle class, crime prevention programs, a world class university, etc. It should have been what New York City is to the rest of the United States, in stature and commercially.



So the performance of the Binays as Mayor for 28 consecutive years should be judged from the point of view of whether more could have been done for the city and how much more. When seen from that perspective, the Binays have not been that great after all as political, cultural, and economic managers of the City of Makati mainly due to rampant corruption and dynastic patronage politics. They have exaggerated their contribution to Makati’s progress and consequently, have been grossly over-rated by people’s simplistic appreciation of incomplete and misleading data backed by the Binay propaganda machinery.

In fact, even just an above average economic manager but with more scruples than the lords of Makati, aided by a team of imaginative knowledgable urban development strategists, in harmony with private developers such as the pioneering Ayalas, could have created the first truly world class city (entire city and not just a portion of it) in this country given the enormous advantages Makati has had over the rest of the Philippines. Another “could have been” to weep over.

Is the Senate Sub Committee investigation politically motivated? Of course it is. Just like all the rest are, including: the Vice President’s office; VP Binay’s housing programs, his OFW related activities, and all his statements and actions; official offices of his two daughters and his Mayor son; the Veep’s campaign organization that is already in place; and all the other aspirants for public offices in the coming 2016 elections. All are politically motivated if not obsessed. But does that diminish his culpability for the plunder charges hurled against him? No.

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THE 2016 presidential elections has descended upon us and depending on who you’re supporting for President, you’re either glad there’s still plenty of time to catch up or, if you’re a Binay supporter, you’d wish tomorrow were election day. Lately, there’s been more than just jabs thrown at each other by the aspiring candidates for the two highest positions in government. It would be best to take comments, statements, and remarks coming from them and their backers with a grain of salt. They will be formulated with an eye on 2016 but expect none of them to admit that. It’s “positioning” time and politicians are negotiating with political parties — which are nothing but convenient groupings devoid of any shared beliefs among its members — that could be an appropriate and helpful vehicle in their quest for higher office. One early bird Presidential Candidate has opted to establish a brand new party of his own that he could lead in the coming polls. Political parties on the other hand are looking for winnable presidential candidates that they may adopt or coalesce with, so as to be the party in power should their candidate make it. The equivalent in politics of the so called “oldest profession in the world” has now come alive and kicking in the Philippines. Our apologies to those in that “oldest profession” who have felt insulted and have responded that they may be what they are but they do have scruples whereas politicians don’t; a valid argument, indeed. But we digress….

This early, or before it gets too late, what should be of prime concern is the kind of voting system we are to implement in the coming elections. In fact, Comelec has scheduled for the end of this month the deadline for choosing the kind of Automated Election System (AES) to be used in 2016. By law, we are not to go back to the manual system we’ve had in all the elections prior to 2010, marred as they were with various ways of cheating evolving to the “dagdag-bawas” modus operandi that came about in the 90’s and was supposedly used all through the rest of the succeeding elections. The 2010 automated election was a shock to many for its speed in knowing the winners in less than a day after the voting precincts had closed. From a week or so that it used to take us to know the results of the elections at the national level, it now took less than 24 hours. It was amazing to say the least, but devastating for some of the election “operators” that had made a killing facilitating the “doctoring” of results in exchange for hefty sums of money coming from candidates, election after election in the past. Suddenly, their “profession” had become obsolete overnight.

t.images     images (1) images (2)

Presently, what we have are Comelec owned machines used in the 2010 and 2013 elections which Comelec purchased from  Smartmatic, an international company that also does business in other countries — the US, India, Brazil, Belgium to mention a few — providing them with election systems suitable to their respective needs and more importantly, credible to their people. As far as the Philippines is concerned, it was noted that foreign observers lauded the credibility of the automated elections of 2010 finding no cause for alarm in contrast to previous manual elections. Filipinos themselves seem to have been satisfied with the results and the winners have assumed their offices with clear mandates, absent of doubts or suspicions by the large majority of voters. It would be accurate to say that there has been no valid and credible challenge made against the outcome of the automated elections of 2010 and 2013. Invariably, there are the usual and expected poor losers that would never concede defeat in any kind of elections, even one sanctioned by St. Peter and the Heavens.

What then is this “Hocus PCOS” we hear about and what is it insinuating? That’s a good question because the people using the term (from: “Hocus-Pocus” or “magic”) that suggests electronic or computerized cheating, are actually reasonable people and not your “sour-graping” politician. However, we still have to see incontrovertible evidence showing that there was indeed some hanky-panky done wherein the machines reflected a result that was not the will of the people. It behooves the complainants to show evidences, if any, of cheating done by “programmed” PCOS machines that are now owned by the Comelec and ideally, could be used again for the 2016 elections, with certain upgrades and improvements in both the software and hardware, as will be seen fit by the Comelec. These machines are said to have a life span of up to 20 years when provided with good maintenance. Acquiring a new system might prove to be too expensive and we would have wasted the time and effort spent in familiarizing our Comelec officials with the inner workings of the machines and its software. The same goes for the voters who initially experienced “machine fear” but are now comfortable and familiar with them. We believe that an upgraded, tweaked, and well maintained set of PCOS machines that we’ve already paid for, and which wasn’t cheap either, would be the most suitable option to take, not to mention the most economical and practical. Now is the time to make sure both software and hardware are upgraded to address whatever issues there still are and make sure these are all done transparently and on time for the elections. We can’t afford a “bukas na lang” or a “last minute” mentality with this one. If we’re so passionate about our choice of candidates, that would mean nothing without a credible and efficient Automated Election System.

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