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A Divided People

Good Morning Philippines


A Divided People

It must have been frustrating for Senator “Bongbong” Marcos to be talking to the administration of P-Noy on the burial issue of his late father, President Ferdinand Marcos. It started off with a forthright admission by the President that he was biased on the issue and so would leave the decision to his Vice President whom he instructed to study and submit his recommendation on the matter. The President was hailed by not a few for his candid admission of bias and his willingness to give the Marcos family a fair decision. It even looked like a policy of the President to heal the wounds of the nation and unite the country under his leadership.

Subsequently, after a few months, VP Binay submitted his report but not before conducting a thorough study that included a survey and consultations with all those concerned; Binay’s recommendation called for a full state honors burial but to be laid to rest not in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) but in his home province of Ilocos Norte. The Palace announced that the President needed a couple of days to look it over and make his decision.. This must have surprised the Marcos family because it was a turn around from his admission of bias and his waiver in making the decision. The two days passed by and still no official word from the President. After a week or so, the Palace announced that there were more pressing matters to attend to.

Meanwhile, in March, the Lower House had passed a resolution signed by no less than 2/3 of its’ members, urging the President to allow for the burial of the former President at the LNMB. A couple more months dragged on and nothing more was heard either from the Marcoses or from P-Noy. Then as recent as a month ago, VP Binay announced to a crowd in Ilocos Norte that the burial of their beloved former President, as he had recommended to the President, was a done deal and that the Marcos family had agreed to the conditions. This was denied by Senator Marcos as he explained that they still had to receive official notice from the palace and so there was nothing they could accept, reject, or agree to. Then, the bomb-shell from P-Noy last Wednesday (12 October) telling the members of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines that he will not allow the burial of Marcos’ remains in the LNMB nor give the late President state honors and accused him of masterminding the sufferings of all the human rights victims during martial law. This prompted an angry and frustrated Senator Marcos to lash out on Aquino calling him a man whose word cannot be trusted and accusing him of partisan politics and fomenting deeper divisions among an already divided people. The angry Senator could not hide his infuriation when he lambasted the President lamenting what he called a missed opportunity for the President to unite his country and adding that it showed he was not a “natural leader.”

With the President still adorning his formal and casual outfits with a yellow ribbon as he did throughout the campaign, the Senator may have been among the last to know that this President is not inclined to heal the wounds that have divided the Filipinos to their own detriment. We’re afraid that will have to await a more stable and confident leader to become president.


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